People in our industry talk about ‘specialist lending’. And sure, technically that’s what we do, but ‘specialist’ isn’t how we see ourselves. Ditch the industry chat and our business is simple — it’s just lending for real life.

And real life isn’t all nine to five. There are self-employed people out there, folks who make a living as landlords, people who have maybe been through some tough times, or who have the odd gremlin on their credit report. You know, real people. Which brings us back to what we do.

Buy-to-letters, because we love go-getters!

  • We have no minimum income. 
  • We take applications from individuals, limited companies, portfolio, corporate and private landlords — and expats.
  • We only ask for proof of tax status from your clients if they are a lower rate tax payer as this will dictate the ICR. Our ICR starts at 125% for lower rate tax payers and limited companies.  For higher rate tax payers the ICR will start at 140%.

Never mind the orthodox

Mainstream just isn’t us — we don’t use credit score cascading or faceless, inflexible processes. Yawn. Real, friendly and accessible underwriters make decisions on all our cases and with Dynamo for Intermediaries, we have a full time, 5 days a week onsite underwriter. Not an under the radar writer!

Products from The Mortgage Lender can be accessed by using Dynamo for Intermediaries as your payment route or you can choose our expert packaging service. Please contact us for further details.


Proc Fees

Product Type Gross % Net %
Buy to Let - Packaged 0.85% 0.50%
Buy to Let - Direct 0.60% 0.50%
Residential - Packaged 0.80% 0.50%
Residential - Direct 0.60% 0.50%