We design and build exceptional technology solutions that make the process of searching, applying for and obtaining a mortgage simpler, faster and more efficient.

Twenty7Tec is the UK’s leading mortgage technology business, providing safe, accurate and secure mortgage sourcing to over 14,000 mortgage intermediaries. Our goal: from one single platform, and using integration partners, to underpin the operations of any organisation that supports customers in searching, applying for, and obtaining a mortgage.

Our CloudTwenty7 platform provides you with access to our entire suite of products, all from a single system: SOURCE, APPLY, CAPTURE & INSIGHT.

SOURCE by Twenty7Tec – the UK’s most advanced mortgage sourcing platform.

  •  UK's fastest growing sourcing system (circa 14,000 users in under 6 years)
  •  Mortgage and Secured Loan sourcing, with single point of entry comparison
  •  Intelligent system, intuitive and with fields used controlled by the user
  •  Real-time product updates – no manual update to the system required
  •  Choice – Standalone or Hand-Off integration provides you with all the data transfer of a CRM integration, with the added benefits and control of using Twenty7Tec standalone
  •  Criteria sourcing – tailored products to match client circumstances
  •  Affordability – MBT integration + additional affordability plugins coming soon
  •  Compare Porting & Rate Switch Products 
  •  Equity Release and Later Life Lending (incl. RIO) in the same research
  •  BTL ICR calculations used and Top Slicing in line with PRA recommendations
  •  Configurable True Cost & Near Misses support the decision for recommendation
  •  Cloud-based technology – system can be accessed on any device anywhere
  •  Available standalone or integrated to various industry-leading CRM platforms
  •  Bespoke lender panels, custom built down to an individual adviser
  •  Mortgage Club panels and Exclusive products supported
  •  Compliance – ESIS, EoR, Stress Test and Payment Schedule production
  •  Developments – by regularly updating our platforms and utilising our latest ‘hand-off’ API integration to access sourcing, the latest developments or system upgrades are available straightaway
  • APPLY – access to our lender application submission system

Registration enquiries: [email protected]

Helpdesk / support: [email protected]